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How to cache logged-in user information(e.g. user profile,userID,country) to current session in salesforce?


On lead convert, I want Record owner specified on lead conversion page to be set as Account Executive (This is custom field on Account object).

I have update trigger on lead object which will set Account Owner as Account executive on lead conversion.

On lead conversion, Salesforce assigns system user to Account Owner for a while.After trigger execution ends,it assigns lead owner as an account owner.



How to get changed record owner of lead conversion page in leadtrigger?


Any help is appreciated.

I create a managed package myself in one org and installed it in another org. The managed package is in beta status. The managed package has a few custom labels defined that I would like to use it in my apex code in the subscriber's organization. The labels are NOT protected. They have the protected checkbox unchecked. But still I am unable to access them from apex using Label.namespace__labelname. I always get a compilation error "invalid external string name". Am I missing something?

Hi ,
I am trying to approve a case by email. I am getting the notification in my email id. I reply back saying "YES" in the first line and send . Immediately i get a reply
Your workflow approval message was not processed. You are not authorized to update the referenced object. This error may occur if you have replied to the authorization request from a forwarded email address. Please contact your system administrator if you feel you received this message in error."
I have tried changing the profile of my user to "system administrator" and check again but still the same message comes.
Please help . This is urgent.