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Hi All,


I am new to mobile sdk 2.0, I have develop an application using smart store. The problem is that when I logout from salesforce, all data stored in soups destroys.


Is this default behaviour?


I need to save soup data for different-differnet users, then how can i achive that with mobile sdk 2.0


Manish Kumar

Hi all,


I have developing an ios app using salesforce mobile sdk 1.4 with sencha touch at front end. I am using Phonegap/Cordova version 2.2. My Application is able to login successfully with salesforce but when tried to load app.js on simulator its loading smoothly but on device getting a WHITE BLANK SCREEN.


I am not getting any error at logs/console, Am i missing something ?


I am using sencha touch version 2.1



this is my app.js


    name: 'Sencha',
    controllers: ['Main'],
    views: ['Main'],
    stores: ['Contacts'],
    models: ['Contact'],

    launch: function() {
            xtype: 'mainpanel'

  Any suggestions greatly appreciated.




 Manish Kumar