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Hi all,


I have created a managed package and installed it on a customers organization 6 months ago. I have recently made small updates to the package (addin a single visual force page and controller). As I understand, I cannot patch the customers existing package as the visualforce page is classed as a new component and therefore it reuires a new major version. My question is, when using the installation URL to install the new major version, will it seamlessly overwrite the exiting managed package, keeping all settings, profiles etc?


Thank you.

Hi all,


I have a requirement that I'd like to know if it is possible. I have visualforce page which will display the results of a SOQL query, however the SOQL query is dynamic and could be a query on Custom Objects or Standard Obejcts. I'm currently hard coding a SOQL query into the controller class whilst trying to figure out how it will work. I intend to display the results of the SOQL query in a pageBlockTable or dataTable in the Apex.


Is this possible in Salesforce, if so could anyone give me an example of how it would work both in Visualforce and Apex?


Thanks in advance.