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im using jquery in Lightning component and try to change Css Class of Div on Click Event, but jquery click event not fire on first time, after first click its fire. and work proper but on First time click its not fire ? 


<ui:inputDate aura:id="dateValue" label="d" change="c.dateHandler" displayDatePicker="true"/> , I noticed the change event is not fired if you select the date via the date picker. ? any other suggestion 

how to create a custom Recent Item showing visual force page same ras left narrow component functionality

hey im trying to implement calender functionality like employee manager  have done with visual force . i try the employee manager App Team Calender code but i did'nt done it , they page dnt return the value 

hey i want  the source code of manage lab Apps , Can any one give me the url ?

How to Call Multi-select picklist in to Visual Force Page ? and check the selected Values 


I have been able to set up an email alert to the case owner when a new case comment is created.  However, I am wondering if there is anyway to get an email alert for case followers so that they are aware when there is a new case comment? We want to be able to send the alert to only the people that the case applies to.
Any help or suggestions would be great!
I'm trying to get a link on a VF page in SF1 to navigate to a Lightning component. I can do Lightning-component-to-Lightning-component navigation, and Lightning-component-to-VF page navigation, but I'm struggling with the JavaScript syntax for VF-to-Lightning-component navigation.

Here's my code snippet - the JS is basically taken from the component-to-component nav snippet (which works a treat when launced via a ui:button press attribute in a Lightning component):
<apex:page showHeader="true" sidebar="true">

    function navToPlotList(devId, devName){
      console.log('dev id: ' + devId);
      console.log('dev name: ' + devName);

          var button = $A.get("e.force:navigateToComponent");
            componentAttributes: {
              devId: component.get("devId"),
              devName: component.get("devName")



<a href="#" onClick="navToPlotList('a06L000000GdS7X', 'TEST NAME')">Go to plot list</a>

I know that the issue right now is with the $A on line 8, but I'm not sure what to replace this with in order to get this working. Also I'm not sure whether the button.fire(); will even work from JS in a VF page. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance! :)
Hi all,

I'm trying to write the below formula in a boolean formula field:

Roles__c is a multiselect picklist. Involved_Role__c is a text field.

When I try to save the system throw this exception:
Error: Incorrect parameter type for function 'INCLUDES()'. Expected Text Literal, received Text

I tried to use the TEXT function on Involved_Role__c field, but it doesn't work.

How can I troubleshoot this issue?

Thanks in advance.
I have a lightning component from which I am retrieving contact records onto an aura:attribute which is as follows:
<aura:attribute name="data" type="Contact[]"/>    

after retrieving the result from the controller I am printing it on component using aura:iteration which is as follows:

<aura:iteration items="{!v.data}" var="data">        
                <td><a href="{! '#/sObject/' + data.Id +'/view'}" onmouseover="{!c.mouseOver}">
                <td><a href="{! '#/sObject/' + data.Id +'/view'}">
                <td><a href="{! '#/sObject/' + data.Id +'/view'}">

As you can see on the first <td> tag I have used mouseover from where I am calling a js controller method ...

I want that method to be looked like this:

mouseOver : function(component, data){
        console.log('data = '+ data);

now the 'data' argument I want to pass while the method is called i.e., mouse is hovered on that <td> and the data should be the name i.e., "{!data.name}"

where 'data' is the 'var' for the aura:iteration..

So how to send argument to js controller from component while calling from there only....

please help me its urgent
<ui:inputDate aura:id="dateValue" label="d" change="c.dateHandler" displayDatePicker="true"/> , I noticed the change event is not fired if you select the date via the date picker. ? any other suggestion