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I need to detect the updates on the email field of the User object, and I'm having problems detecting this change.
I placed a trigger on the object on after Update , but at this point the logic displays the old email value on both the trigger.new and trigger.old maps.
Maybe it's related to the email salesforce sends to user, to confirm the email address change, so the email is actually updated when the confirmation address is accessed.
Did anyone run into the same problem? is this the only way of detecting the email field update on User?


I want to confirm if the following use case is plausible :

Our client wants to set up a helpdesk app on a community.

Main flow will be :

- community user creates a Case ( using custom code, not standard page)

- Case is reassigned to a predefined queue ( using Case Assignment Rules )

- after the Case ownership is changed we need to re-share the case with the user that created it.


So far we are able to create the case and change the ownership, when we reach the step of sharing back the record we get an INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_ON_CROSS_REFERENCE_ENTITY exception .


The CaseShare record is created on a @future method, otherwise we aren't able to user the CaseShare Object.


thanks, Andrea