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I wanted to know if someone could help me with a formula as I've been struggling with it. I am so horrible at formulas, but I know this one should be so easy!!

Here are the details:

FORMULA = I'm attempting to create a custom field (called HOUR BUCKET) that is a TEXT FORMULA field that will take the "TOTAL HOURS" and break it out into buckets.

For example - in English this is how the formula would be:

1.) If "Total Hours" is less than or equal to 40 hours = the HOUR BUCKET should populate with "40 hours or less"
2.) if "Total Hours" is more than 40 AND less than 100 hours = the HOUR BUCKET should populate with "41 - 99 hours"
- or -
3.) if "Total Hours" is more than 99 AND less than 500 hours = the HOUR BUCKET should populate with "100 - 499 hours"
- or -
4.) If "Total Hours" is greater than 499 = the HOUR BUCKET should populate with "500+ hours"

I'm having trouble with all the "ANDS" and "ORs" and "IFs" and where to put the appropriate quotes and parenthesis.

Please please help me! Thank you so much!!!
  • October 16, 2008
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Hello -
I need help!

I have 1 field on the contract object and want the value to simply "copy" over to every case associated with that account.

For example.  The account has one contract associated with it. The contract has a field called "service level" .  I want that service level to appear on every case for that one account.

Would I do this with an S-Control?  Any advice would be AWESOME!
  • May 23, 2007
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