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I am trying to create a new salesforce package and deploy it (to create salesforce app 1).
I am using few custom Objects (which belong to salesforce app 2). We used it and tried packaging and deploying the same.
And the upload-package went fine. Now when we are trying to deploy/install it in another org it is throwing a error for dependent packages.
ERROR is -

"Package install error".
"Package 'xxxx' version 5.3 or later must be installed first"

Since I am newbie to Salesforce Coding if someone could direct me here, it would be great ?
a. Is it possible to deploy it with dependencies (but with out dependent salesforce app not installed)?
b. (If not) Is it possible that we can include few coding workarounds so that these dependencies are not detected by the salesforce installer/deployer.
c. any other options?

since we are working under time constriant issue, looking forward for some info.