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I'm likely the 101st person to ask about this, but I have a need to be able to call a .NET 4.5 Web Service or WCF Service from APEX code, and I'm new to all of the SalesForce / APEX side of things.

I had planned to import the WSDL from one or other of my services, but the WSDL from the WCF service won't import, and posts I read said I'd have to use ASMX web serviecs instead (which I haven't used in like forever). When I tried to import the WSDL from my ASMX web service, SalesForce moaned about multiple bindings.

So is there a definitive tutorial on this, that discusses some of the gotchas and limitations? Can you recommend blog posts that cover this?




I have the next code created:


Component.Apex.outputText firstNameField = new Component.Apex.outputText();
firstNameField.value = opp.Primeiro_Nome__c;
firstNameField.label = 'Primeiro Nome';
firstNameField.id = 'firstNameField';



And it will result on a dynamic Pageblock on a visualpage.


Opening it on a page everything is ok, but when i run the test class it give me the next error:

" System.VisualforceException: Invalid value for property label: null"


What can i do? I need to complete my test class to move to production.

Thank you