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Hi there, I am trying to create a 2-step form on my website that integrates with SF.

Basically, the process should go like this :
  1. Submit Form1
  2. Create Lead on SF with data from Form1
  3. Redirect to Step 2 page
  4. Form 2 submit
  5. Update Lead on SF with Form 2 data

I've used a Web-To-Lead template to successfully execute steps 1 to 3. But now it's getting complicated.

As the 1st submit to SF doesn't give me back any data, I'm not able to identify the current user and to transfer data from step 1 to step 2.
Therefore, even if steps 1-3 were successful, I'm going back to square one arrived at step 2.

Also, there is probably something to do on the SalesForce side to be able to merge the data.
As of now, every time I submit my step 1 form, a new Lead is created instead of a merge.

I have to say that I'm not familiar will all SalesForce concepts so I may be missing something obvious here.

Thank you.