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Good Morning,
Need help in exporting Knowledge Articles from one env to another env.
I tried the out of the box Export Articles for Translation but after first page of picking the Queue, in the second page,
I am not able to pick the languages.. I don't see the option of selecting the languages list.
So, I am getting the ERROR: "Please select source and target language pairs you want to export"

Kind regards

I need to compare Opportunity line items and Contract Line Items 
I want to see which opportunity line items have the same pricebook entry id as the Contract line items
I then want to split the records out into 2 new collections
what is the most effecient way of doing that in visual workflow?


I'm facing problem having subquery.

Here is my query:

QueryResult query = binding.query("select Title, "
    + " from ContentVersion v where "
    + "v.ContentDocumentId = '(select id from contentdocument c where c.latestpublishedversionid like \'<somevalue>%\')'");

I tried couple other approaches to escape '%' but, no luck.

no viable alternative at character '%'  is the error I see on execution.

Did I miss anything?