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hi all,

I have a check box and below that check bow i've a pageblock section with several input fields..  I need to make those input fields as required fields if i check the above mentioned check box..

How can i do that??

Thanks a lot 
Really appreicaite you responds..

Hi ,


I want to display the records with some filter condition  when i click Add Products button on Opportunity . How can i implement this ?





I'm finding when passing the parameters it fills it out correctly but seems to create almost another value. If I manually go and select the second value then the filter works, otherwise it's not seeing it correctly.  My guess is its something like passing report filters where for the first filter you use pvo.


I click my button on the Products related list on an opportunity. The button contains the below url
https://cs14.salesforce.com/p/opp/SelectSearch?addTo=006c00000079xsa&PricebookEntrycol0=Product Family&PricebookEntryoper0=contains&PricebookEntryfval0=Consulting&PricebookEntrycol1=Global Product&PricebookEntryoper1=equals&PricebookEntryfval1=false&retURL=%2F006c00000079xsa


PricebookEntrycol0=Product Family

However I get multiple Product Familys and the filter doesn't work. If I manually go select the second "Product Family" in the drop down the filter works. Should I be using different values?










Can we replace the standard salesforce home page with our own custom Visualforce page? can anybody answer for me please..




I have activated the opportunity products (and 2 price books) in my sandbox environment and have activated "Prompt users to add products to opportunities"


After making a new Opportunity, in step 2 users have to select a pricebook before products can be added to the opportunity.


In our situation the two price books (professionals Services and projects) are dependent on the type of Opportunity: (professional Services and project). It would be very user friendly if the price book automaticly would be chosen dependent of the opportunity type that is filled in at the new Opportunity (professional services and projects).


At this moment users have to fill in what type of opportunity it is, but again have to select what pricebook belongs to that opportunity type. That's not ideal.


Is there a solution to automate this?