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I'm relatively new but find the system relatively intuitive and quite mature. I'm exploring the Mail Chimp integration as we have a free account there and our group likes using it. My first step is to understand what my trial Enterprise can do before linking it to Mail Chimp.

1) Created a campaign
2) Added users to campaign
3) Created email template (plain text)
4) Mass email selecting users by campaign filter.

Now I'd like a list of email recipients with columns indicating

Open email time
Click link time.

But I don't even see that my contact was sent an email. I see the email in my inbox. When I send a single email to a lead from the related list, I see under HTML Email Activity the status. Can I see this somewhere for Mass emails as well? Why is a mass email not under the contacts related list as HTML Email Activity?

We have a business need to send and email to new lead leads in certain cases. I've organized those cases by 'campaign 1'. This is on a trial enterprise org. We are using First Contact to capture business cards for this case. There are two custom fields entered at the time of busines card scan and the user associates the new lead to 'campaign 1'.


Now I have the following workflow I'm doing manually once I see the lead in Salesforce. 

  • leads ->'Campaign 1'(custom view) -> go

  • Click on first lead with status of Entered Contest

  • Under the Activity History related list click Send an Email -> Select Template -> campaign 1 email template

  • Cut and paste the URL link(generated by the template merge feature using custom fields) into a browser, test and save positive result as a pdf.

    • Ad leads initials to the default pdf name file_name.pdf -> file_name_cg.pdf

  • Attach the newly created pdf to the email. Attach file

  • Send

  • Under Campaign History linked list click edit next to the IFP iPad Mini Give Away

  • Change campaign 1 status from Entered Contest to Email Sent

    Another requirement not listed here is that we want the email to go out n hours after the lead enteres the system (not immediately)

 A couple of questions. Can this be automated in Salesforce?

Most of the workflow is straight forward: Send the email, select a template, change a status. Where does this automation happend? Can you point me on hwere to learn about automating vanila Salesforce activities? Is this a 'trigger' a 'worlflow'?

What about generating the pdf? Is this something I should not expect to do with Salesforce? Right now I'm using the cut and pasted the URL into google chrome and print pdf. Should I make an executable that does this and call it from Salesforce?

Thanks for taking the time to read this for a new user. I apprecatiate the kindness I've received so far in the community.

I've conducted many a google search and pocked around this forum but oddly I can't find clear step by step instructions for a beginner. I see things like 'upload a visual force page'. But I don't know where to upload it or how to modify it before I do it. I'm hot an HTML programmer I'm a SQL person. Is this task too advanced for a total beginner?