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I inactivated a user and a scheduled job failed as that user submitted the Job. I tried to create a new job while logged in as a generic Integration user. On the Schedule Apex page, I select the same Apex class and set the Frequency. But while saving I get the error, You must select an Apex class that has a parameterless constructor. My question is how did this work before with the same class and constructor and why it is failing now.
An embedded VF page in Case detail layout has a button that calls Apex controller, performs some actions and finally redirects to the same embedded section in classic. Here is the line of code that does the redirection:

PageReference pr = New PageReference('/apex/BIG_CaseContactPage?id=' + caseid);
pr.setRedirect(true); return pr;

But in Lightning, same apex action redirects to a lightning page with just the VF page. I  am looking for a way to have the same classic functionality i.e redirect to the embedded VF page but still be on the Case detail page.

Can someone help me on this issue?
We have two orgs within our company and they both send Case data to a legacy Application. Are the Case Ids unique across both the Orgs?
I'm running through the Configuring a Salesforce Console lesson in the Service Cloud Basics module and when trying to add the sample console as part of the lesson, I keep getting the same error:
"Can't complete this operation because it would exceed the number of apps allowed by the user license."

I don't have any console apps currently installed and am operating under the developer license granted through the VetForce program.  Any ideas how to resolve?