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I am trying to use SAQL for my dashboar. But when I specify filter or group in SAQL, the dataset fails to load the bar charts.
Below is my step I am using

        "steps": {
            "device_type_time_Day_event_1": {
                "isFacet": true,
                "start": null,
                "query": {"pigql":"q = load \"sample_data_5_26\"; q = group q by 'device_type'; q = foreach q generate 'device_type' as 'device_type', 'event' as 'event', count() as 'count'",
                    "measures": [
                    "groups": ["device_type"
                "extra": {
                    "chartType": "vbar"
                "selectMode": "single",
                "useGlobal": true,
                "em": "ad_data_5_26",
                "type": "aggregate",
                "isGlobal": false

I am finding it hard to figure whats wrong with the SAQL.

1. Where can I find the salesforce wave dashboard logs?
2. In the SAQL dev document dashborad JSON reference document, it seems an 'airline' dataset being used. Can I get the sample and the corresponding dashboard for my reference?