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i need to Check the checkBox Active  if current date is start date and 
Uncheck on End Date that can be done but what if someone enter start date a day ahead of current date then how can i put formula in time schedule as it only allows number of days or number of hours 

hey im new to salesforce i need to override new button on account such that it prepopulate two picklist value (Region and subregion)of account for the current user

to summarize:-

Override the New button on Account
To Query Region and Subregion fields from Current user record
Populate them using URL on the page load

how should i do that ?

hey im getting following error while deploying can anyone please help 

1.  objects/Contact.object (Contact.LP_Priority__c) -- Error: The formula references fields across 16 relationships while only 15 are allowed. 
Please contact support at salesforce.com for more assistance. (line 3, column 13)