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1) What is a junction object?

a) A custom object with one lookup relationship and one master-detail relationship.
b) A custom object with two lookup relationships.
c) A custom object with any number of lookup and master-detail relationships.
d) A custom object with two master-detail relationships.

Ans:- d
2) What is the name of the standard relationship from Account down to Contact?

a) Contacts
b) Contact
c) Accounts
d) Account

Ans:- a
3) When running an Apex test, which type of Apex syntax in tested code is counted in the code coverage calculation?

a) A variable assignment.
b) A blank line.
c) A System.debug() statement.
d) A comment.

Ans:- a
4) Which method is defined in the StandardController class? Choose 2 answers

a) Undelete
b) Merge
c) Cancel
d) Save

Ans:- c and d
5) What is the return type of a SOSL search?

a) A list of sObjects.
b) A list of AggregateResults.
c) A list of lists of sObjects.
d) An sObject.

Ans:- c

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