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W. r. t. to the URL 
I am working with "Data Import Wizard" to import csv files into custom objects "Candidate", "Position" and "Job Application". I followed the isntructions as specified in "Try It Out: Download Sample Data". I have been able to import Candidate and Position records. However it is consistently failing on "Job Application" object. To understand the process, I am attaching the screen shot.

Final outcome is in the result file generated by the wizard and is as follows:
"","false","false","INVALID_FIELD:Foreign key external ID: george@schnell.com not found for field First_Name__c in entity Candidate__c:--"
"","false","false","INVALID_FIELD:Foreign key external ID: dcarroll@merce.com not found for field First_Name__c in entity Candidate__c:--"

What is wrong with my process? Please suggest.  Thanks in advance for your kind help in this regards.

Data Import Wizard Image 1

Data Import Wizard Image 2

Data Import Wizard Image 3