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I am trying to use the visualforce flow to delete an opportunity line item after the creation of the line item sets off a process.  

Some background:
I have several sets of product sets which are dependant on some other variables within my system.  I would like to create 1 product which users can select and based on the other variables in the system the creation of that 1 product the correct set of other products will be added to the opportunity.  I have managed to do this very simply using the process builder but I would like to delete that original product from the opportunity once the other products have been added.  

I have very little experience using the flow designer but know there is the ability to delete objects from there and to trigger flows from the process builder but I cannot seem to get it right.

I created a flow which is simply the record delete box which says that it should delete a record with a specific name.  This is then triggered from the process builder.  This gives an 

Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this as I have searched for tutorials on using the record delete function but nothing that seems to be useful.