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We have a brand new Salesforce instance with a Pardot license.

We are excited about DX and are trying to configure Pardot inside a scratch org, and subsequently push our configuration into production.

However, when installing Pardot in a scratch org, we have noticed that a Pardot Integration User was not provisioned.

Anyone knows why this is the case? We would appreciate any advice in general about any complications on Pardot's deployment lifecycle within DX as well.

Hi Guys, 

Has anyone tried Cybersource silent order API integration with Salesforce? Looking for some help.
Thanks in advance.

Here is my page header:
<apex:page standardController="Pro_Sale__c" cache="false" standardStylesheets="true" showHeader="false" applyBodyTag="false" renderAs="pdf">

Here is the part of my style that controls borders:
        table.gridtable {
            border-collapse: collapse;
            border: 0px;


        th {
            border: 1px solid #000;
            padding: 3px;
            border-collapse : collapse;
            border-spacing: 0;

        td {
            border: 1px solid #000;
            padding: 3px;
            border-collapse : collapse;
            border-spacing: 0;

When I render as html, it looks fine, with all borders as 1px. However, when I render as pdf, some lines are double thickness (and there is no rhyme or reason why some are and some aren't, though the double thickness seem to be around th more than td). I've tried with standardstylesheets="true" and "false" and still get the same results.