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According to https://help.salesforce.com/s/articleView?id=000355733&type=1
The default no-reply address for case email notifications is supposed to be a real email address that checks incoming email and clicks a verification link, otherwise Salesforce won't allow it, but also an address that ignores incoming email and doesn't reply?
Clearly I am misunderstanding something about the semantics of a no-reply address. What am I getting wrong and what do your orgs use for this address?
If you have multiple processes that will execute when a record is changed or created, what is the order of execution? How do I determine what it will be? Is it constant or variable?
In a before update trigger with Trigger.new and Trigger.oldMap, do the following three groups contain identical values?
  1. The element Ids of Trigger.new
  2. The Ids in Trigger.oldMap.keySet()
  3. The element Ids of Trigger.oldMap.values()
Has anyone faced the error when creating a connected app with OAuth enabled ? 
"Changes can take up to 10 minutes to take effect. Deleting a parent org also deletes all connected apps with OAuth settings enabled." I am creating a connected app and not deleting anything.
Hey there,

when writing Trigger Handler Classes and calling the respective methods from a Master Trigger there are different ways to achieve this. The keywords are Static and Non-Static .

In other words:
public void
public static void
I was wondering what's the best practice to write and call a method from a Master Trigger. In fact both options will work - but I once read that going for non-static was always the better choice. Why is that?

Given we have a method in our class that creates Assets from an Opportunity's line items (Opportunity Products). 

Static - Master Trigger call:
Question 1:

I saw this approach quite often in forums and blog articles - is this approach generally recommended and reasonable?

Non-Static - Master Trigger call:
OpportunityTriggerHandler oppHandler = new OpportunityTriggerHandler();
Question 2

Can I consider non-static as best practice and if yes, why?

Looking forward to your feedback!
  • September 16, 2019
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I keep receiving the below error whenever I attempt to check a hands on challenge. I have logged in and out multiple times and get this error in multiple trailhead boxes.

There was an unhandled exception. Please reference ID: TBRSCDKH. Error: Restforce::UnauthorizedError. Message: INVALID_SESSION_ID: Session expired or invalid
New to Salesforce.

I'm creating a fairly complex process in Process Builder on the Opportunity object.  When the record is saved I want to trigger and calculated some dates and do a few other checks to make sure only valid option types are entered.  Therefore, I want Process Builder to run after I do the Save trigger.  I couldn't find any documentation on this.
If I have define a flow in process builder which runs after the record is created then which one runs first ?Trigger or Proces builder?