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I am having issues with the rendering of images in a Visualforce PDF.

ll my product images are stored on a server and are accessible at the URL http://images.metropuzzle.com/IMG2/[PRODUCT CODE]_IMG2_L.jpg
E.g. http://images.metropuzzle.com/IMG2/NPZPD1703_IMG2_L.jpg
When I try to use those URL in <apex:image> it does not render the image in the PDF...

User-added image

As I am trying to track down the issue, I found something very odd.
For this simple test I am using one of my product image, and an image I found online, the URL is http://investor.salesforce.com/files/design/newlogo-company.png -- This URL seems to redirect to the URL http://s1.q4cdn.com/454432842/files/design/newlogo-company.png

I am building the PDF with the Visualforce code below: 
<apex:page renderAs="PDF">
    <div class="productGridContainer">
            <div class="productGridItem">
                    <apex:image value="http://images.metropuzzle.com/IMG2/NPZPD1703_IMG2_L.jpg"/>
                    <apex:image value="http://investor.salesforce.com/files/design/newlogo-company.png"/>
                    <apex:image value="http://s1.q4cdn.com/454432842/files/design/newlogo-company.png"/> 

It does not render my product image, and for the image I found online it only renders the first one, not the second one. But it is the same image!
User-added image

Would someone have any idea why this is not working?

Thanks a lot!
Is there a way to import excel data into a multi-select Picklist?

I need to a) have several values in my excel field which will map to different existing options on the Picklist, and b) not overwrite any existing selections in the Picklist if I am updating a pre-existing Contact.

At the moment it just imports whatever I have into the excel field as a new option on the picklist, overwriting whatever was previously selected.