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After the summer 21 release, I'm getting this error.

Please resolve and thanks in advanceUser-added image
lightning-datatable is known to have issues on mobile devices. Consider these options: • Find a mobile-ready replacement in the Component Reference of the Lightning Web Components Dev Guide. Filter the list using "Salesforce Mobile App" as the target. 
 global with sharing class thirdParty {
     global static Case__c getCaseById() {
          Case__c acc=new Case__c();
      Map <String,String> mapparam= RestContext.request.params;
        String dataId=mapparam.get('Id');
        acc=[SELECT Date__c,Case_Origin__c,Case_Reason__c,Case_Status__c,Name,Products__c,Subject__c FROM Case__c WHERE Id = :dataId];
         return acc;
    global static Case__c addAccount(String origin,String reason,String status,String product,String subject,string cus){
        Case__c acc=new Case__c(Case_Origin__c=origin, 
                             Customer_Name__c= cus );
        insert acc;
        return acc;

public class thirdPartyTest{
   static void getCaseById() {
        //Id recordId = createTestRecord();
        RestRequest request = new RestRequest();
        request.requestUri =
        request.httpMethod = 'GET';
        RestContext.request = request;
        Case__c thisCase = thirdParty.getCaseById();
        System.assert(thisCase != null);
        System.assertEquals('Test record', thisCase.Subject__c);
   static void addAccount() {
            'Web', 'Damage', 'Approved', 'Yamaha Fascino 125','Damage Issue','a005g00002t5vqdAAA');
        //System.assert(thisCaseId != null);
        Case__c thisCase = [SELECT Id,Subject__c FROM Case__c ];
        System.assert(thisCase != null);
        System.assertEquals(thisCase.Subject__c, 'Damage Issue');
}User-added image
This page has an error. You might just need to refresh it. First, would you giveUser-added image us some details? (We're reporting this as error ID: -1284455686)