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I am developing an application for the AppExchange that uploads data to users' Salesforce accounts.  I am upserting data using a custom external id field that is included with my application package.  The application works fine on developer edition accounts, but once I tested it on a Professional Edition account, it failed saying 'Field name provided does not match external id'.  I have AppExchange certification, so accessing the Pro edition accounts isn't a problem, just upserting.  Looking through the field definition, it is the same on my test developer accounts and pro account.  The field is set as an external id, so it should work.  Anyone know what's going on here?
I'm experiencing weird behavior during packaging. In a managed Dev Environment, the package manifest shows an object API Name as PRFX__ObjectName__c, but when the package is installed from the AppExchange the API Name loses the prefix and is displayed as ObjectName__c.
Anyone else experiencing this?
Does anyone know if there is a dependable approach to detect an installed managed app through the api? We don’t want to look for any specific component of the installed package, as it may produce inaccurate results (for example due to insufficient permission or page layout configuration).
  • February 26, 2007
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I have a managed package which has been published to the AppExchange.  I now want to remove a couple of items from the package and re-publish it.  But when I look at the package detail, most of the items in the package do not have a Remove link next to them.  How can I remove them?
Newbie question: I'm creating an s-control for use as a custom button.  I want the s-control to display an image.  Can I upload the image to salesforce and reference it there (ie use it as the "SRC" attribute in an <IMG> tag)?


  • January 09, 2007
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