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Hello all-
I've been battling the sf.com Outlook integration module for quite from time now.  When I first open Outlook 2003 I see the Salesforce.com toolbar add in. This is working correctly and is not the problem.  When I open up a email, I do not see the Salesforce.com toolbar anymore.  Nor to I have the option to add this toolbar  to my view.  So the only way I know how to add an email to Salesforce.com is that I have to first scroll to  email I want, highlight it and then click on the Add Email icon.    From reading the tips and trick it states I should be able to access the toolbar from within an email that's been expaned (or opened).  Hope this makes sense.
I've tried:
- Uninstalling/installing the Salesforce.com Outlook integration software
- I've ensured that no items are "disabled" in outlook
- I've tried uninstalling the Salesforce.com add-in and reinstalling it into a new directory
None of these help.  My thoughts are that I need to manually remove the Salesforce.com Outlook plug-in in order to do a clean installation.  just a hunch.
Also BTW, when I close my Outlook for the day I get an error message stating that there is something wrong with my Salesforce.com Outlook Edition module.  When I close this I then get the Outlook Error messaging asking if I want to report this to microsoft, yada, yada, yada.