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I'm attempting to prototype some simple outbound messaging scenarios with my Sandbox instance. Looking at the API docs for Winter07, a note is made that

"To avoid an infinite loop of outbound messages that trigger changes that trigger more outbound messages, we recommend that you update objects with a user whose profile has the PermissionsDisableNotifications set to true"

Try as I have within AppEx Builder I can't find the particular option as an assignable value. Out of curiosity, I checked using SForceExplorer on the User object. Found similarly named permission flags for marking a user as offline or as an AvantGo user, but nothing that looked remotely related to OM. I also tried a cursory search on my live instance as well as on a dev instance with the same results.

I'm not gated by this and my end point to consume the outbound message isn't going to do anything of note, so the fear of an infinite loop of messaging is remote. However once we do prepare to roll live with this, this might be of greater concern, so knowing where to set this and adding it to our deploy checklist would be great... :P

Am I just blind and absolutely glossing over it somehow?