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In visual force charting how can we ensure that zero axis is always displayed and  the step values are rounded off to hundred. For certain reasons the value zero does not appear on the chart and thus making the graph hard to read, As you can see in the image the axis the values are not equally distributed on the positive and negative axis.





Thanks in advance



  • February 10, 2013
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HI, I made a managed package and uploaded it to appexchange.I upgraded it many times.Yesterday evening(at 1 st March 2011, 6 pm Indian time) also I upgraded the managed package with a bug fix. I am able to install the package in a developer edition successfully. But while I was installing the same package in enterprise edition, I got this error 

"Package Not Found 
The requested package does not exist or has been deleted. Please contact the package publisher for assistance. If this is a recently uploaded package, please try again soon. " 

After that I tried many times, I got the same error. After 20 hrs also I am getting the same error. 

Another thing is, now I am unable to install the same package in developer edition also. Because I am getting the same error.But I was installed the same package successfully once yesterday. 



Please help me. I am unable to find any info related to this.