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I had a phone call from one of my inside sales staff yesterday saying that they cannot see a list view under the contacts object that is used almost daily.  I cannot seem to find any way online that there is a way to find this.  Please let me know.  Thank you.

I was asked by a supervisor to revise a standard e-mail template I created to use under the opportunity.  The way I had it set up was to be sent out as a cover sheet for our proposals to a customer.  At the bottom of the e-mail template I included a "thank you" from the "user" sending it (which includes the user name, title, phon number, extension number (USER FIELD) and e-mail address.


However, I was asked to add information in the body of the e-mail that basically says that the sales rep (ACCOUNT OWNER) will be in touch with you, but if you have any immediate question they can be contact by phone number xxx-xxx-xxxx, extension # xxx, and e-mail address xxxxxx@xxx.com.


What I cannot add into the e-mail template is the EXTENSION number as this is a custom field I set up in my USER object.


Would like the abiltiy to use these custom objects in a template.


Thank you.

Terry G