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I've noticed in our production environment that when I go to the Calculate Code Coverage for Your Organization link in the Setup->Develop->Apex Classes menu that the calculated code coverage is quite different than the total code coverage after clicking on Run All Tests.  Does anyone know which is correct?  Also, when I click on one of the percentages to see the code coverage of a given file, it seems to always say that the file was modified since the last test run.  How can that be when all tests are ran any time a change is made to production?  I'm guessing that the Run All Tests code coverage is correct, but why isn't that data being saved off and pulled when Calculate Code Coverage is clicked?

Currently in our system, a user adds Assignments to a project.  They do this by going into the project and clicking the "New Assignment" button which takes them to a new screen where they enter in the required information.  When they click the save button, the required record(s) are created in the system and redirects the page to a different location showing them the records they created.


What they would like to have happen is, once the user clicks the save button on the Assignment screen, to redirect the user back to the Projects screen.


Is this possible?




--Todd Kruse