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Today I encountered a problem that I can't explain:


I got a record 'recA' shared with a user 'userU' through manual sharing (read-only)


When I request the UserRecordAccess object in a 'without sharing' class, all works fine:

[SELECT RecordId, HasEditAccess FROM UserRecordAccess WHERE UserId = :userUid AND RecordId = :recAid LIMIT 1]

=> {RecordId=a0kM0000000jWMxIAM, Id=000000000000000AAA, HasEditAccess=false}


 But when I execute the same code in a 'with sharing' class, i get 


{RecordId=a0kM0000000jWMxIAM, Id=000000000000000AAA, HasEditAccess=true}  //HasEditAccess should be false}



It seems like a bug, because when I do this query:


[SELECT RecordId FROM UserRecordAccess WHERE UserId = :userUid AND RecordId = :recAid AND HasEditAccess = true LIMIT 1]

 I get not results...



Please let me know if you have already encountered some problems with the UserRecordAccess object.


I'm in API 26





I am trying to use apex:actionFunction that has one parameter in my apex:page javascript but the parameter is always null and I cannot figure out WHY?


I created a simple test page to test what I am doing:


<apex:page standardController="Quote" extensions="QuoteLineItems_ControllerExtension">

<apex:pagemessages />
<apex:pageBlock mode="edit">
    <apex:form id="testPage_Form">
        <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">  
            function test1() {
                alert('>> init TEST_PAGE <<');   
                updateTest('this is my test data');
        <apex:actionFunction name="updateTest" action="{!updateTestData}">
           <apex:param name="test_param1" value="TEST_DUMMY" />
        <input type='button' value='TEST 1' onclick='test1();'/>


Here is a method in my the controller:


    public PageReference updateTestData() {
        System.Debug('>>> updateTest <<<');
        String test_param1 = ApexPages.CurrentPage().getParameters().get('test_param1');
        System.Debug('>>> test_param1 = '+ test_param1 + ' <<<');
        return null;


Debug Log returns:

    >>> updateTest <<<

    >>> test_param1 = null <<<         ?? WHY NULL, expecting 'this is my test data'


WHAT am I doing wrong?

Is there any to pass to parameters from a javascript to a actionFunction?

For eg  I have a var 'x' in javascript set to some value. On some condition I need to call a actionFunction which calls a controller. I need to pass the value of x to the controller. I can pass using param tag of actionFunction to controller but how to pass x to the actionFunctio?