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Hi all,

I want to display the JSON response values in VF page. I tried the below code. But it simply displaying the columns not the values. Please anyone suggest me some idea how to display the response in VF page.

Here is my controller
global class CanvasController{

public Integer ItemId{get;set;}
public String name{get;set;}
public List<Items> dr{get;set;}

public CanvasController(){


public void requestM(){

    String url = 'http://api.walmartlabs.com/v1/feeds/specialbuy?apikey=5amzkrmy235zddjwmu785hf8&categoryId=3944';

    HttpRequest req = new HttpRequest();

    Http http = new Http();
    HttpResponse res = http.send(req);
    String responseBody = res.getBody();
    ResCls resItem = (ResCls)JSON.deserialize(responseBody, ResCls.class);
    List<Items> rl = resItem.items;
    List<Items> dr = new List<Items>();
    for(Items it:rl){
        system.debug('Item Name: ' + it);
        ItemId = it.ItemId;
        name = it.Name;
        system.debug('ItemId: ' + it.ItemId);
        system.debug('Name: ' + it.Name);
   system.debug('List: ' + dr);

public class ResCls{
    List<Items> items;
public class Items{

public Integer ItemId{get;set;}
public Integer ParentItemId{get;set;}
public String Name{get;set;}
public Double SalePrice{get;set;}
public String Upc{get;set;}
public String CategoryPath{get;set;}
public Boolean AvailableOnline{get;set;}
public String ShortDescription{get;set;}
public String LongDescription{get;set;}
public String BrandName{get;set;}
public String ThumbnailImage{get;set;}
public String LargeImage{get;set;}
public String ProductTrackingUrl{get;set;}
public Boolean FreeShipping{get;set;}
public Boolean NinetySevenCentShipping{get;set;}
public Double StandardShipRate{get;set;}
public Double TwoThreeDayShippingRate{get;set;}
public Double OvernightShippingRate{get;set;}
public String Size{get;set;}
public String Color{get;set;}
public Boolean Marketplace{get;set;}
public Boolean ShipToStore{get;set;}
public Boolean FreeShipToStore{get;set;}
public String ModelNumber{get;set;}
public String SellerInfo{get;set;}
public String ProductUrl{get;set;}
public List<Integer> Variants{get;set;}
public List<String> Shelves{get;set;}
public String CustomerRating{get;set;}
public String CustomerRatingImage{get;set;}
public Integer NumReviews{get;set;}
public String CategoryNode{get;set;}
public Boolean isRollBack{get;set;}
public Boolean isSpecialBuy{get;set;}
public String Isbn{get;set;}
public Boolean Bundle{get;set;}
public Boolean Clearance{get;set;}
public Boolean PreOrder{get;set;}
public String PreOrderShipsOn{get;set;}
public String Stoc{get;set;}
public Boolean Freight{get;set;}
public Long DealEndTime{get;set;}
public Long DealStartTime{get;set;}
public String Gender{get;set;}
public String Age{get;set;}

Here is my VF page
<apex:page Controller="CanvasController" action="{!requestM}" sidebar="false">
<apex:pageblockSection >
<apex:pageblockTable value="{!dr}" var="dd">
        <apex:column headerValue="Item id"><apex:outputText value="{!dd.ItemId}"/></apex:column>
        <apex:column headerValue="Name"><apex:outputText value="{!dd.name}"/></apex:column>
        <apex:column headerValue="upc"><apex:outputText value="{!dd.Upc}"/></apex:column>