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I've attempted to upload the change set 5 times, but none of them worked. For some reason, I'm not receiving the emails from SF telling me why it failed, I had to have another admin do it so that I could see the error message. As you can see below, it doesn't give me any specifics about what I need to fix. This is my first time doing any of this as I'm a new admin, so it's likely user error I just don't know where to start to fix it.

The following outbound change set upload failed due to a system error: Change set: First round EPL release (0xxx00000002U1V) Organization: TEST (Developer Sandbox) (00Xx0000003xxxx) User: SFDC Admin (xxxx0000000xxxx) Error Number: 2026248261-2941 (245827274) Please try to upload your change set again. If it does not succeed, contact Customer Support and provide the error number listed above.