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Trying to setup Einstein Vision and Language. but getting an error in setup and configuration: 

Einstein Platform Services account is not configured properly. Expected einsteinplay.Einstein_ApiUsage but found null at [line:1, column:26]

PEM file successfully uploaded. 

Anyone have an idea of next steps??
Hi Everyone,

We have an issue. The apex exception email are received by Inactive User.

As per salesforce documentation the apex error emails only by an user in the following scenarios.

1) The User who scheduled the job will receive an email error about the failed job.

2) The User who Lastmodifedby in the code will receive an error about the failed job.

3) An user who has 'Sent Apex Exception email' checkbox checked will receive an error about the failed job.

4) The user who was added in the apex exception email section will receive an error about the failed job.

But that particular Inactive user does not fall under any of the above scenarios.

So as per our investigation this user receives the error because the code was created by that Inactive user but we can't be sure about this. 

Can anybody please help to solve this issue?
I keep getting the "Challenge Not yet Complete......... Here's whats wrong"
Lightning page named 'New Account Page' does not appear to have the correct components on it.

The new record page must use the 'Header and Two Columns' template, be called 'New Account Page', and be assigned to the Account object. (Check this is done)
The page must have the Highlights Panel and Twitter components, and a Tabs component with these tabs containing these components: (Check this is done)
Activity Tab contains the Activities Component - Complete
Collaborate Tab contains the Feed Component - Complete
Related Tab contains the Related Lists Component - Complete
Details Tab contains the Record Detail Component - Compelte

Here is a screen shot, I believe I have all the items I am supposed to as well as what goes inside the components.
User-added image