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Hi I was attending trailhead module"Lightning Components Basics-
Before You Start ".I tried to change the "MyDomain" but on Salesforce classic mode.But after chnaging the domain and save it i am unable to login from almost 2 days now login is not happening with the new Url.
note:-I was using gmail account to login to trailhead,Dont have a specific sfdc user login.

Kindly reply any one have solution.
Thank you
I was working on the Customize Your Login Process with My Domain module and I accidentally changed my domain of my Hands-On Org. Is it possible to change it back to what it was? I get an error message now when I try to launch my hands-on org. L

My former Hands On Org. URL is as follows: curious-badger-397879-dev-ed.my.salesforce.com

The domain I changed it to is: mylightsaber.dom-dev-ed.my.salesforce.com


Using My Domain, you can define a custom Salesforce domain name for your organization that highlights your brand, or a different term that represents your business. Using a custom domain name provides important advantages, such as increased security and better support for single sign-on. My Domain is also available for sandbox environments. You can only define a custom domain name one time.


This is from Salesforce.com Help & Training - would like to know more about the advantages advantages mentioned INCREASED security and BETTER SUPPORT for SSO.


Any thoughts?