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Hi guys, 

I been reading other people posts about how to obtan clientId and clientSecret for the application im developping.  The posts have benn telling me to go under Apps and click on App manger and create an app but when I do it there is no options of app manger for some reason. Does anyone have any solutions for this or any explanation why ?
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I am using the SOAP API.  When I make the login call https://login.salesforce.com/services/Soap/c/37.0/ I always get the error 'Invalid username, password, security token or user locked out'.

I have changed my password, reset my security token , etc and I still get the error. My username and password (with token) works in the Apex Data Loader. 

How can I get more debug information about what I need to change.   

I have left the portal field empty because we don't have a portal.

Thank You,
  • August 24, 2016
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Hello Experts,
I have registered my app. Could you please help in letting me know how to get:
1. client_id,
2. client secret, and
3. security token

I am trying to implement Oauth pragramatically so that I can use REST API.

Could you please help.