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Hi All

We have setup outbound messages in Salesforce, and at our web application which is develped in ROR we have provided URL to receive those push data.

Currently, at ROR we are responding back with HTTP status 200 and no response data, Assuming that salesforce do not want any information as a response from these push data apart from HTTP status 200.

But, as there is limitation on outbound messages, they need response in below format : 

<element name="notificationsResponse">
            <element name="Ack" type="xsd:boolean" />

Please let us know if we need to farmat our response in above format. If yes please let us know to da that

I have migrated my changes to another sandbox and when sending an outbound message the delivery failure reason is 'version mismatch'.  It worked fine in the other sandbox.  Has anyone seen this before?  Any ideas?  Thanks