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In Aura, we can do
to cause standard components to update.

How can we do an equivalent in LWC because sfdx refuses to publish .js code with $A in it saying the usage is disallowed in LWC?

For now i tricked it with 
but that is obviously less than ideal....
Hi, I followed the steps on salesforce website to add action plans to my account object page layout Related Lists and I have also added the action plans list - financial services cloud to the client record page as well.

The Action Plan preview shows up correctly on the page layout, however when I click the "View All" or I click the "Action Plans (3)" link, it navigates me to a new page and shows me the error "Unfortunately, the related list you're trying to view isn't in the layout. Please get in touch with your administrator".

My user profile is system administrator.  

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