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I am a new user, and I am not a computer programmer.
I am trying to import a 3-column price list into SF Pro.  1) Part #, 2) Part Description, 3) Price.
I thought this would be simple  So far I have been given a 6-page .pdf that makes no sense for what I am trying to do.  It says I have to use the Excel Connector to import products into the Products 2  table, ensure that each product is linked to a Pricebook ID, and then import into a price book entry table.
Sounds good, except I have no idea what any of that means.  I was able to get the Excel add-in for Salesforce connector to work, that seems to be important in the forums I have read.
Is there any manual, or procedure available for importing a simple 3-column price list, that a lowly Marketing Manager guy could understand?
Thanks for any assistance.