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I created an app (MyDemoApp) with some classes, triggers, VisualForce and Google Visualization directly from the browser (i.e. without using the Force.com IDE).  Then, I installed the Force.com IDE on my Mac, and created a Force.com Project.  Next, I had the IDE connect to my Force.com account to download all the metadata components for my application.  I opted to fetch all the components.  Force.com IDE does its thing, and after a while it finishes without any errors.  However, when I go look in my project under src/applications, the metadata file for my application, MyDemoApp.app, is missing.  The file doesn't show up even if I do a "Refresh from Server" on src/applications, src or the entire project.  If I look in package.xml, I see MyDemoApp in the CustomApplications section.  The wierd thing is that the only other app that I have (Force.com) shows up fine i.e. Force_com.app is present in src/applications.  If I change any files (e.g. an Apex Class) and compile it, I get no errors and my changes are reflected in the test org.


I don't know if this is related, but when I do a "Refresh from Server", I get the following Warning message:

"Refresh error: Cannot retrieve documents in a user's private folder; move the document to a named folder".


Removing the Force.com app, not selecting it as a component to be fetched, restarting the IDE, etc. doesn't help.  MyDemoApp.app just doesn't show up.  I want to put all my files in SVN, and therefore, want to download the .app file as well.


Any ideas?





  • September 15, 2010
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