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Hi there,


I installed this app (FNA 1.5) into our sandbox but im getting an error while trying to map a account.

I always get the same error "problem with address" While the shipping address i use is correct. I copied-paste the shipping address in google maps and it does find the location. Underneath some screenshots for explanation. Hope somebody can help me.


Visit Address is Shipping Address.


Trying to map the account with the find nearby accounts custom link...then getting the following error.





When i click ok..it does show the map but i didn't map the account.




Thank in advance

  • November 20, 2009
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I installed this App successfully in my dev org, but when I repeat the process in my client's Production Org, clicking the 'Find Nearby Accounts' link opens the VF window, but then I get an empty dialog box, and no results.


The batch Geocode Accounts function works fine. 


I have de-installed, repeated the setup process, but same results.



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