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I have a client who is evaluating Salesforce and is tasking me with the migration from his existing home-grown solution.

Luckily I have the data from the home-grown app pulled out and semi-standardized. My problem is now importing it into Salesforce and maintaining the accuracy of the historical data.

Simply put, as an example, each contact/account/oppourtunity record (they're the same thing) in his home-grown system has a series of timestamped notes.

I've looked through the results of the describe object for the notes table and it does not appear that I can set the create/modified date property to match the actual timestamp of the note.

While notes are truely problematic, expecially in the way he uses them to keep a cronological record, it gets worse with the actual account/contact/oppourtunity records.

The last modified and created timestamps are used currently (and will be used) to drive workflow in the system based on the 'age' of the oppourtunity (think: how stale is it) and the last activity in it certain events get fired off.

How can I get past this problem?

  • August 11, 2004
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