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I've just installed CMSForce and have been following the instructions as well as I can (some things have moved so I had to figure out how to enable visualforce pages on the guest user record rather than the site). I'm now trying to add content to a page and while it's being saved, it's not being added (no edit icon tab) and when I find the item and preview it, it's blank. 


I have a feeling it may have to do with vf page and apex class access. I've already checked and Development Mode is turned off on my user. 


Anyone able to help? 


Gail Hallett

  • October 01, 2012
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I downloaded CRMForce 2 into my sandbox and have been trying to edit content boxes on a sample page.  I can type the content in, but when I click save, no changes appear on the page.  This is happening using the AppExchange Sample that was provided with the application.


Do you know why this would be happening?