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My org has had our main website hosted a number of years through the site.com product that Salesforce offers and recently we have noticed that iframes no longer function on the website. On the frontend for a user it appears that the iframe code gets stripped out of the source code and leaves the place where it originally was blank. However, on the backend in Site.com Studio we are able to see the iframe code where it was originally placed and fully functional when previewing the page.

We've checked the site configuration settings for site.com and toggled the Clickjack Protection level setting, but it appears to have no effect. Also, checked for any CSS and Javascript that might be affecting the iframes, but there was nothing found. We haven't done anything out of the ordinary while we have been working in Site.com doing only simple jobs such as creating/updating pages, so we are not sure what would have caused all iframes on our website to be removed.

Has anyone come across this issue and found a way to resolve this?

Is there a version control process for Site.com Pages? One of my developers updated a site.com page in the studio, but he did not yet publish it to the environment. Is it possible to revert back to a specific version? Or even pull down the published version back to the site.com studio?