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Hi, In the Winter '21 release notes you have mentioned the new prebuild flow to reset passwords. Currently, I am trying to implement this flow (first in a test environment) but got stuck. I created a button and when you click it, it will search for a recordid, and then you have to fill in date of birth and postcode. After that is done, there will be sent an e-mail to the 
e-mail address from the community user connected to the recordid. We receive the e-mail but there is no link in it to redirect the community user to the password reset page.  My question is. Does the prebuild flow works out of the box? Or do I need to create a custom e-mail template first? 
Hopefully you can help me out here!
Thank you

I am currently trying to complete the trailhead 'Create a Hello World Lightning Web Component' section where you deploy the lightning web component from VSCode to your org, and im hitting the below error.

Starting SFDX: Deploy Source to Org

18:12:03.382 sfdx force:source:deploy --sourcepath c:\Users\ravent\Documents\SFDX Projects\HelloWorldLightningWebComponent\force-app\main\default --json --loglevel fatal
18:12:07.153 sfdx force:source:deploy --sourcepath c:\Users\ravent\Documents\SFDX Projects\HelloWorldLightningWebComponent\force-app\main\default --json --loglevel fatal ended with exit code 1



helloWorld error

As far as i can see i have followed the instructions to the letter, and cant seem to correct the error.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreachiated.

I have a custom Case field labeled Component with API Name Component__c.  I have written my first ever SOQL: Select Id, DurableId, Value, Label, IsDefaultValue, IsActive, ValidFor, EntityParticleId FROM PicklistValueInfo.  It givese the following error message: [object Object]: PicklistValueInfo: a filter on a reified column is required [EntityParticleId,DurableId].  I can add WHERE EntityParticleId = 'Case.Priority' to get similar results to what I am looking for on a standard Case field but nothing I have tried will give results for my custom field.  I have tried Case.Component__c, Case.Component, Component, Component__c.  It also seems to require the operator to be equals so I cannot even do a LIKE.  How can I find the EntityParticleId for a custom field?  Thanks to anyone that can help and fogive my ignorance on what I am sure will be a very simple answer.  I promise I tried to Google it first.
Hi All,

    We have the data coming from external application to salesforce where the dates are stored in Julian format in 6 digits in external party application. . Can you please help me to convert this to salesforce date format through formula or workflow rule or Apex code

For ex : Julian date 115054 need to convert to salesforce date format 2/23/2011