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Is there a way I can automate setup audit trail download?

Thanks in advance for your help !



I am new to using the Saleforce API.  I would like to know if it is posiible to get all events that track activities/actions performed by all users that belong to a organization.




If I got to Setup > Security Controls > View Setup Audit Trail it shows me the latest 20 entries in the Setup Audit Trail and then gives me a link to download.  The link points here...


The id is the SFDC Org Id.  I need to programmatically gain access to this log, there are three ways I see this being possible...

-Download the log a different way

-Find out what the CONFIRMATIONTOKEN is and how I can generate it

-Access the Setup Audit Trail directly somehow with out needing to download the full log


Do anyone have any insite into how I can make any of these three methods work?