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I have a validation rule to write on a call object which has a related object Address. The address object has 2 picklist fields--- Address Type, State
The objective is if if state!=PR AND Address Type=POB do not allow to save the call for that address combination BUT if state=PR AND address type=POB allow to save the call for that address combination.

Would be really helpful if anyone could help! Tried innumerable ways but all failing!

Thanks in Advance!
  • September 23, 2016
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I have a Hierarchy (a lookup to User) field in User - it is called Mentor. The requirement is simple, when I change the Mentor, an email should be sent to new Mentor and the User.

I have created email field, populated the same using workflow. Then I created an email alert, to send the email to user's email and this newly created email field.

Output is surprising - The email is directed to Mentor and mentor user's mentor is shown!!
To make is clear here is the example:
Keir is the Mentor of Abhilash. The admin changes the mentor, to Bob. Now ideally Bob and Abhilash should get an email about this change. But what happens is Bob gets email as below:

Dear Bob,
Your mentor has been changed/mentee has been assigned. 
Mentor: Buzzard 
Mentee: Bob 

Is there any way to do this without writing apex trigger?

Hi all,

I have created a VF page with couple of reports. These reports are filtered, based on the selection available. For now assume the filter is just the Owner Name. All works well - I have used to show the report chart and have used cacheResults="false" to ensure the reports get refreshed on load. 

Now coming to the issue I am facing - when the user clicks on the report chart the report opens in existing window/tab. I want it to be opened in new tab/window. I have tried using onclick() and < a >tag, but no luck. 

Can anybody suggest if there is a way to do this? 

Here is the very sample code - without filters - just a simple page with report chart.
     <a href='/00ON0000000LRNi' target='_blank'>
        <analytics:reportChart reportId="00ON0000000LRNi"></analytics:reportChart>

Interestingly the block becomes clickable and opens in new tab. Please note that including the filters in doesn't work for some reports. So I guess this is not the solution. Also note that there is no attributes available in reportChart to open this in new tab.

Please suggest.
I seem to have no clue what's wrong in the report which I created. As per the requirement - Summarize the report by Account Name, the contact’s Full Name, and show the Hobby Name." Here I do not understand Full Name, as in the report we only get First Name, Last Name.
The error says - 
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The 'Lightning Hobbies by Contact' report does not appear to have either the correct report type or (most likely) the correct columns.

I have summarized the report by Account Name, then by Last Name. Another column shown is Hobbies Name. The report filter is on Hobby Type (the bucket field) = Outdoor Activities and it is locked.

Does anyone know whats wrong?