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I am receiving the following error in the Creating Global Quick Actions Trailhead module challenge - "The global quick action was not created or it was not named 'New Detailed Account' "

Have read the previous posts and suggestions to fix, but my Global Actions are identical to the correct responses and the Publisher Layouts are displayed.  When I go into Chatter and Home on one of the Apps, I still do not see the New Detailed Account action listed in the feed though.  Is there some other setting I need to fix that will enable this to display BESIDES the Global Page Layout??
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I was going throught Trailhead tutorial for Sales Force and under Data Security I found this challenge to,

"Create a 'Account Reviewer' profile which should only have read access to the Account object (and no access to any other object in the Org)."

When I am creating Account Reviewer profile, it is by default linked to all the objects. I am not able to see any Edit button while going inside Account Reviewer profile and select only Account object.

Can anyone please help me !!!