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Hello every one!
I have two custom object Employee an Employee skills (master-detail, one to many)
Employee skills has picklist Status(pending,approved,rejected) and approval process.
I need to execute JS from button (from custom object Employee page )  that gives me popup windows with list of related Employee skills, status,  and opportunities to approve or reject Employee skills status. After that save and update all records.
I'm beginner SF developer.
Please help me.
Hi All,

I have created a Global Action and Published in the Chatter Layout. The Action Type of Global Action is Custom Visualforce. The VisualForce page consists of a button when clicked it perform an action to Post some text to the Chatter.
I can able to Post to the Chatter successfully but I have to reload the Window to see my Post. But the window should be automatically reloaded once the button is clicked to show the inserted Post.

Here is the Screenshot of the Chatter with Global Action which consists the VF Page:
User-added image
Here is the VF Page:
<apex:page controller="PracticeClass" >
    function refreshPage(){ 
    <apex:form >
        <div align="center" style="margin:100px auto" >
            <apex:inputTextarea  />
            <apex:commandButton value="PostToChatter" action="{!PostToChatter}" onclick="refreshPage()" />            

Here is the Controller:
public class PracticeClass {
    public void PostToChatter()
        FeedItem post=new FeedItem();
        post.Body= 'Your Feed is Posted 12345';
        post.ParentId= '00528000001KZre';
        insert post;

Thanks in Advance,
Mike J
Hi All,

I need to insert a rich text area field's image in documents/attachments in a custom object.

Can anyone guide me how to insert a rich text area image record in custom object?

Anybody know how to create  a content folder? I have tried this command via the execute annonoymous window but I am getting back an incorrect ID for the parentContentFolderID field.  My ID is the chatter library ID. 
List<ContentFolder> folder = new List<ContentFolder>();
            folder.add(new ContentFolder(
                Name 					= 'HR Buzz',
                ParentContentFolderId 	= '05880000000PvIv'
        insert folder;

Hi there, I 'm trying to complete the "Automating Processes with the Lightning Process Builder" challenge in TrailHead but I get the following error :
Encountered unhandled fault when running process Update_contact_adress/
301240000004FXO exception by user/organization: 00D24000000JsNt/{4}

The flow failed to access the value for myVariable_current.Account.ShippingCountry because it hasn't been set or assigned.
caused by element : FlowRecordUpdate.myRule_1_A1
caused by: The flow failed to access the value for myVariable_current.Account.ShippingCountry because it hasn't been set or assigned.
Salesforce Error ID: 490660201-42718 (736882147)

Any idea what could be could wrong ?
The process works fine, I have tested it. When I click on "Check Challenge", this is what I get:

Challenge not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
There was an unexpected error in your org which is preventing this assessment check from completing: System.DmlException: Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: CANNOT_EXECUTE_FLOW_TRIGGER, The record couldn’t be saved because it failed to trigger a flow. 
A flow trigger failed to execute the flow with version ID 3012800000001r1. 
Contact your administrator for help.: []