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We are a comprehensive Benefits company looking for a Salesforce Developer to help build out and complete our migration from legacy systems.
The primary goals include:
Migrate existing GoldMine, Pension Portal and Call Center functions into Salesforce
Help migrate existing GoldMine, Pension Portal and Call Center Data into Salesforce
Data integration with existing Relius solution
Build custom Reports & Dashboards

Hi All,

First off thank you to everyone for taking the time to read and help me out. With no prior experience I was put into a Salesforce Admin roll about two years ago. Now, with limited resources I have been tasked with a project that I believe will require Apex. Below I will try my best to explain what we would like to do.

I have two custom objects CMD Project (CMD_Project__c) and CMD Project Bidder (CMD_Project_Bidder__c)
CMD Project Bidder is a related list of CMD Project
CMD Project holds construction project information and CMD Project Bidder are the companies bidding to complete the projects.
Our potential clients (Accounts/Leads) are the companies bidding these projects.
The source of the project and bidder information provides a unique Company Id
I am hoping to use this unique Company Id to relate projects to Accounts and Leads, so that we will be able to see who is activly bidding construction projects. I would like for this to be automated so that anytime a CMD Project, CMD Project Bidder, Lead, Account is created or updated the projects companies are bidding will show up on a related list.

Once again thank you to all for taking the time to help out, please let me know if you have any questions for me or need additional information.