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Someone recently asked this in the .Net forum. I need to ask the same question, but in regards to PHP:

We have created a Workflow to email us when a lead is updated and meets a certain criteria. This triggers fine when done through the Salesforce front-end, but not through the API. Does email not trigger through the API?

On the .Net forum, the answer from Simon was that email does trigger, nothing special needed. However, the Sales team I work for says they do NOT get email with API-driven forms. But they DO get email with Web-to-lead forms. Obviously, something is wrong. The question is, what needs fixing?

(Disclaimer: I'm using the nusoap module, and I do have Lead Assignment Rules working -- so the lead is routing properly, but no one is being notified of the leads coming in.)

  • December 14, 2005
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The client I'm working for has a Lead Assignment Rule set, consisting of 17 rules with a catch-all.

I'm creating Leads with nusoap, and they're appearing in SalesForce beautifully. However, they all retain "website" as the Lead Owner. They shouldn't. They should be routed to new owners.

I believe this has to do with the useDefaultRule setting, but I've no idea how to set it with php_sforce_nusoap. Can I simply add it as a name/value pair to my sObject?

  • November 18, 2005
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I'm using php_sforce_nusoap.  I've got code that gets the ID of a lead, then attempts to add to that lead's data.  Getting the ID is fine.  But after the update, I check the record in SalesForce, and it is unchanged.  Why?

$queryResult = $sfdc->query("SELECT id, Email FROM Lead WHERE Email='$email'");
if (isset($queryResult['records'][0]['Email'])) {
 $contact1 = new sObject(
   'DownloadedFiles' => $temp_data['urls']
 $updateResult = $sfdc->update($contact1);

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  • November 08, 2005
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An update to the php_sforce_nusoap sourceforge project has been posted. It includes support for setURL() and setSession(), as well as doing lead converts.


I've also updated the example php file with a lead convert example.

Please send comments and feedback to rchoi21_AT_hotmail.com.


Ryan Choi