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I have successfully used the Salesforce connector to insert tasks that are associated with opportunities.  However, these inserted tasks do not have the "reminder" set.  I want the reminder set so that at the future date associated with the inserted task is reached, there will be a reminder that pops up to remind the assigned user to accomplish the assigned task.  Note that when I use the online interface to create a task for an opportunity, the reminder is automatically set for me.


How do I insert a task using Excel Connector and have the reminder for that task set?

I originally posted this on the VB and Office list but received no response.  Did not know this forum was here....
I am having no luck inserting Tasks via the Excel Connector.  Can someone advise if it is just not possible?
I have a professional Account and have successfully used Excel Connector for a lot tables but cannot get it to work on tasks.  I literally queried the table, cut and pasted an actual task, changed the date, and put new in the ID field and attempted an insert.  I always get this error:
Salesforce Create()
invalid range, missing data type,  or other error,
Type is: Task
The current field definition for "CreatedById" requires a value to be set
Things I have tried:
User the actual UserRecordID data in place of just the Alias
Removing the Account ID data
Changing the default "Created By ID" to the referenced "CreatedByID"
And just about every other permutation of variables associated with the created by id field.
HELP!  Am I just barking up the wrong tree - is it not possible?
Thanks for any help!
  • August 21, 2006
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